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Estimation of loudspeaker power response from impulse response
July 1, 2024

A simple and "fairly obvious" in-room speaker power response measurement without measuring off-axis responses with high spatial resolution.

Beyond directivity index and room response
June 5, 2024

HRTF analysis of different radiation patterns, focusing on the contribution of side reflections to the diffuse-field response.

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Audio measurements

Audibility thresholds for SINAD / THD+N measurements
November 23, 2023

Audibility thresholds for SINAD & THD+N measurements from auditory masking curves and hard clipped signal harmonics (pure-tone & two-tone).

Definitive measurement of nonlinear distortion with a simple harmonic spectrum multitone
November 3, 2023

A multitone measurement that combines the sensitivity of sine signal measurement with the all-revealing nature of multitone measurements.

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Digital audio

Sampling rate controversy: simple and conclusive test methods
February 2, 2024   🔊 🎧

Testing the limits of 44.1 kHz sampling rate with high-pass filtered audio samples and pure tones.

Demonstration of sampling (interactive chart)
June 4, 2023

Sampling theory made simple. Demonstration of sampling, aliasing, oversampling.

Quantization noise audibility test
December 20, 2021   🔊 🎧

By listening to the residual noise at different bit-depths, we can easily answer the question "how many bits are needed".

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Acoustical simulation

Speaker Driver Simulation With Room Response
July 24, 2023online

Extended version of Speaker Directivity Modeler with room response calculation from radiated sound power and free-field response (direct sound).

Speaker Directivity Modeler
May 12, 2023online

Online simulation of a speaker with a flat, completely rigid diaphragm mounted in an infinite baffle.

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Headphones & amplifiers - output impedance, load impedance and frequency response
October 20, 2020

How does output impedance affect the frequency response? Some notes on damping factor.

Audio cables

Speaker cable guide
May 14, 2019

Main topics: Calculation of the minimum cross-section. Shielded and twisted speaker cables. Speaker wire plugs. Table with recommended cable length. Calculation of the inductance loss.

Audio interconnect cables
February 28, 2019

Brief tutorial about audio interconnect cables.

Guitar amplifiers & speakers

Roland Micro Cube (v1) Classic Stack model analysis & measurements
November 27, 2018

Pre & post distortion filter measurements of a classic digital amp modeler.

Tube versus solid state: is tube distortion a myth?
November 9, 2018

Popular misconceptions about tube guitar amplifiers and tube distortion.

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