Acoustical simulation

Speaker Directivity Modeler May 12, 2023Web

Online simulation of a speaker mounted in an infinite baffle. Simulation is based on the rigid piston model.

Room Boundary Simulator May 2, 2023Windows

Simulation of early reflections from the floor, ceiling and from the wall behind the speaker. Baffle step and speaker directivity are also simulated.

Noise perception modeler April 5, 2023Web

Prediction of the audibility of noise in audio systems with "flat" noise floor from SNR.

Tools for studying speaker directivity September 9, 2019Spreadsheet

There are plenty of tools to display directivity: polar chart, directivity index vs. frequency, sound power vs. frequency, sonogram, parametric frequency response graphs...

Rear wall reflection August 23, 2019Spreadsheet

Rear wall reflection simulator with speaker cabinet (baffle step) simulation. Some extra notes on baffle diffraction.

Sound waves between two walls August 12, 2019MS-Excel

Simulation of a sound source between two parallel walls. Frequency response, CSD (waterfall), impulse response.