Unfinished software tools (for MPEG-1 audio compression)

These are my unfinished and unreleased software tools written in MS-Excel (MS-Excel + Visual Basic) in 2018. My goal is that I will rewrite them for Windows one day.

Currently I'am working on an MP2/MP3 encoder simulator in Visual Basic. It has a waveform generator and an encoder with a simplified psychoacoustic model. Results of the subband filters, MDCT transform, FFT analysis will be plotted.

MP1/MP2 encoding simulator


It has a simple psychoacoustical model based on loudness or SNR. Packed code words not implemented.


Waveform generator window:

Bit allocation graph:

mpeg-1 layer 2 bit allocation graph

MP3 encoding simulator


It has no psychoacoustical model yet. Only power law quantization and long blocks.


MDCT window:

mpeg-1 layer 3 (mp3) MDCT for a granule

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