Room acoustics

Room Boundary Simulator

Software platform: Windows

Although this software doesn't have the same capabilites as a complete room simulator, it can show the combined effect of the rear wall, floor and ceiling on the speaker's frequency response.

Room Boundary Simulator

Software features:

Don't forget that room responses of loudspeakers always look much worse than they actually sound. Not all room reflections contribute equally to the timbre and spatial aspects of the reproduced sound. In general, vertical and rear wall reflections change the timbre and feeling of distance, while horizontal reflections may change the feeling of spaciousness.

There is an interesting and detailed research about which early reflections are sufficiently strong to contribute individually to the overall timbre (Søren Bech: Timbral aspects of reproduced sound in small rooms part 1). It seems to me that the end conclusion is not entirely correct (about the audibility of reflections), but the received threshold values can be used as a "general guideline". It was also found that the threshold of detection for all reflections depends on the level of the reverberant field. If the reverberant field is removed, thresholds will decrease by 2-5 dB.

Version: 1.0
File Format: exe (portable, no installation required)
Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
License: freeware

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