Video lectures about audio technology

The first video is a short introduction to sound reproduction in small spaces (typical rooms) by Floyd E. Toole. Why the traditional on-axis frequency response measured in an anechoic chamber is insufficient for representing the tonal characteristics of loudspeakers? Loudspeaker directivity (DI, polar response) as a key concept presented here. Dr. Floyd E. Toole also has a book "Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms" (Amazon link) - a reference in room acoustics.

Xiph.Org's second video on digital media reveals the truth about digital audio (the standard PCM encoding). Demonstrations of sampling, quantization, bit-depth, and dither on real audio equipment. (Video open in new tab.), digital show and tell, Christopher 'Monty' Montgomery

The next video is an introduction to loudspeakers (speaker drivers): a quick journey from the basics to the Thiele-Small parameters. This video is the first part of a longer course.

An interesting demonstration of wave propagation and the similarities of wave behavior from 1959.

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