Budget friendly over-ear closed back headphones

Some headphones make listening to music a pleasure while other headphones make listening to music a headache. We can find good sounding headphones in almost any price range and category.

Some basic concepts (open, closed, semi-open, impedance, sound quality...) are explained here.

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Shure SRH-440
A low-cost entry-level over-ear closed headphone with balanced sound. It comes with detachable cable, which is rare at this price. Although the earcups can be rotated inward for compact trasport and storage, the construction is a bit fragile, so it is not recommended to carry it in a backpack.

AKG K371
AKG K371 is a rather new headphone (released in 2019). This is the first headphone that was tuned to the Harman headphone target curve.

Audio Technica ATH-M50x
One of the most popular headphones. This headphone has less natural sound, but more rugged construction than the previous types. Bass lovers will like this headphone.

Sennheiser HD569
A balanced sounding headphone with large and very comfortable ear pads for long listening sessions.

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