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On this website you can read articles about digital audio formats, loudspeakers, audio cables & myths, guitar electronics and headphones.

If you have trouble with basic terminology or don't know the main audio parameters that define audio quality, I recommend watching these videos. Many audiophiles skip the basics and get lost in the marketing traps of the audio(phile) business forever.

High-end audio is full of crazy products and crazy prices. The responsibility doesn't matter, or even worse, doesn't exist in this field: audio companies can sell anything without proving their claims, or they 'prove' their claims with flawed reasoning and distorting the truth (this can be well-engineered pseudoscience or just pure nonsense). The lack of responsibility and the gullibility of the customers has always been a good opportunity for any kind of unfair business. There are things that matter a lot in audio reproduction and there are many more things that don't. Dealing with unimportant things (high-end cables, high-resolution audio, high-end amplifiers and DACs) is just a waste of time, energy and money. What really matters? The quality of loudspeakers, headphones and rooms. Loudspeaker errors and room reflections have a greater impact on the audio quality than any high-end electronics.

Audio is just another hobby or passion where the most important tool is what's between our ears and how we use this tool. How to question what other people say, how to recognize fallacies in arguments or where and how to find trusted information. How to distinguish real science (real knowledge) from pseudoscience, voodoo science or junk science... What does it mean to be sceptical? What is the difference between 'general scepticism' and proper scepticism?

"One of the great challenges in this world...
is knowing enough about a subject to think
you're right,
but NOT enough about the subject to know
you're wrong."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Source: MasterClass Trailer | Neil deGrasse Tyson

About the name of the website. Tonestack is the name of the tone control circuit in guitar amplifiers which separates the pre-amp from the power amp. I found it neutral so I picked. Audiophile is... just a word (a marketing buzzword) without a real meaning.

About the author

This website is created, written by, and maintained by Csaba Horváth.

My main areas of interest: loudspeaker design, room acoustics, psychoacoustics, headphone equalization, guitar amplifiers & amp modeling, audio compression, software development.

In 2018 I measured the equalizer in JetAudio (Windows version). At the time I thought it wasn't worth publishing. Then I changed my mind and uploaded here.

More content will be added soon...

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